The first American made system to offer a
permanent lateral sealing in relined

Leaking sewer lines have been a problem
for many years. When manhole to manhole
liners entered the market, it was hoped that
infiltration and root intrusion would be
stopped. But in many cases the problem
reoccurred because water and roots,
migrated to the lateral openings between
the liner and the old pipe.
Today, the TOP SEAL system uses a
Polyester impregnated corrosion resistant
fiberglass insert to permanently stop this
problem. It reaches 6 - 8" into the lateral
and creates a 3 inch "brim" in the main pipe.
The Epoxy component added as a glue to
the fiberglass achieves superior sealing
even on wet surfaces.

A second use is where reopening of the
lateral creates a hole in the lateral pipe wall,
or where the first hole in the reopening was
cut outside the lateral opening. The last
case is solved with a full wrap installation
covering up till 19 inches in the main line.
Electric driven cable reel with 600 feet of multi
conductor cable, built in air line and footage
The transporters are electric driven  with a rotation
axle in the front.
The controller is a color 5.7-inch Graphic Touch Panel
with alternate joystick control.
We offer custom installation of the equipment in
customer's new or existing vehicles.